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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Listening For That Sweet Tune-Chapter 14: A Dream House


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Chapter 13: Strange Terrain Pt. 2

A few steps later my vision went back to its normal state and the black figure started to turn away from me and walk away. I tried to fasten my pace to see this thing at a closer look but the pain was just too much for me to handle. I knew by now that where he was walking was to deep for any person to just simply stride above it—he wasn't human, but had human characteristics. I shook my head several times to make sure I wasn't just seeing thins but there it was, just going on some casual stroll.

He never looked behind him to see if I was still looking and I didn't expect it to. Its not like he is one of those people who make a scene just for the attention. He knew what he did and he didn't care if it affected me. Then again, what says it is a he? I guess I just thought that because all people imagine things differently. He was a man in my eyes, I don't think any woman would want to ruin my life like this but women are good at picking people apart. Imagine what you will.

I just copied the figure before me and I found there was no rush to pursue it anymore, so I went on with my casual limp out of the cave. I couldn't imagine what I will see when I reach the end and knowing my odds the cave will be the only thing for miles, just cruising along the ocean. I really hope it wont be anything like that but luck hasn't turned to my side yet. When the figure reached the end of the cave and to the large body of water outside of the cave, he turned left and I lost my sight of it. I have a thought in my head. Like it is just waiting for me around the corner, just waiting patiently like it always does.

Soon as I turn that corner I expected to be hit in the face just to see the thing end me right there. It laughs at me saying that it wanted to torture me first and I can defiantly tell you just having to walk over rocks with an injured leg is that very thing. If this doesn't end in a few more minutes then I just might snuff it. I would let myself die, I have no desire to live like this and I have no intention of it in the future. I'll give up, easy, that’s how it has always been done.

I am now only a few feet away from the edge now and I can see land to my left and I can see trees and land in the horizon, like I’m in some cavern near a lake in the woods. When I reached the edge I could see there was a path to my left out and up into the hills but I was obviously cautious about turning the corner, I peeked around a little bit and all I saw was sand, dirt, and more trees—great. I could have sworn that when I was in the cavern looking out it looked like I was in some tropical cave just off the coast but now... its different. What were originally bright blues and vibrant greens now look grey and gloomy like I was where I originally thought but it all changed when I got outside. I turned the corner and continued. There was a path along a hill that was in front of me going alongside with the lake so I did the only thing I could do, move forward but now at a slant. It felt like a hiking trail probably because it was. Not everything is so complicated; I think whatever is affecting me wants to give me a break.

It is near dusk right now but then again, the sun may just be coming up too, I guess I will see in a few. The lake to the right of me is just beautiful. For the first time in a long while everything seemed peaceful and nice and pure. I was near the top of the hill now and I was now getting pretty high also, I turned around to see the cave and it just looked like a little speck in the distance. For being injured I guess I made some distance very well. The incline I was on is now straightening out now and I can almost see over the hill to see the landscape but I turned around to look at the place where I appeared no longer than half an hour ago.

The lake now ended, the cave was nearly gone and I couldn't see any creepy figures in the distance. Another plus I guess is the fact that other than the old black figure, just earlier I haven't seen anything unusual here. No hallucinations either. Maybe the apartment was just trying to kill me or I was just stir-crazy but what about the other people? I turned around all the way now to see if I could see a city or at least something in the distance I looked north of where I was standing—to see where the cave was—then I looked west to see more mountains, hills and more to the lake. I turned right to look east and that’s when I think I saw something more than insignificant.

There were trees directly in front of me but I could see something behind the trees, so I backtracked a little through the foliage to see what was on the other side. There were only a few trees in the way so it didn't take long but where I was now was on a cliff. It was quite a big drop too but at the bottom is where this gets strange again. This lake/forest area stopped exactly where I stood and beginning at least a hundred feet under me was a prairie. No hills or anything, just a green flat surface extending for miles. I looked to the right of me and I saw where the green started turning yellow and a little after that was the ocean. I couldn't see further than that because there is a big fog in the distance. Looking left further down the prairie I saw what might have been the city I was in previously. Skyscrapers filled the landscape and the green started turning grey and full of metal and concrete but everything seemed just so weird.

The city was toppled. Buildings that were previously piercing the entire landscape while in the city were now fallen over and in rubble. Smoke and fires rose from the entire city as if everything back when I was sucked out of my apartment happened to the whole city. Like a wormhole just opened up and some creature pushed everything down and made mischievous fires because it wanted to add insult to injury. I wasn't for sure if this really was the city I was in previous or if this is another city just being crushed by nature; I know I'll never find out. I had no intention on turning back. I was going to take full advantage of where I was and I will just simply take it as a sign and go with it. Its not like I even had my apartment anyway, I am pretty sure it got destroyed in all the chaos along with the city if this was what I think is where I lived.

I walked away and continued to go further down the path I was heading down previously and I was curious where the sun was now. I looked around to see where it was and to my right I saw it peeking up from some mountains and a ocean coast in the distance. So, I know I am near water now. When I got through the forest all the trees were now sand dunes and large rocks. Now the dirt path I was on was going downhill to a beach—it wasn't to far away. Due to the incline I was doing a slight jog down the hill but tried to maintain my balance.

Then there it was. I reached the ocean looking forward all I could see was a murky blue and fog everywhere. There was a light up to my left up on another hill. I saw a silhouette of a building that resembled a cottage or even a cabin. A smoke was coming out of a chimney on top of the house so now, I may have just found life other than that weird figure and dead bodies so I did the only thing that I really could now—running up another hill and see if there is a potential to figure out what is really going on.

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