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Monday, February 20, 2012

Listening For That Sweet Tune-Chapter 16: Psycho Amnestic

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Previously on Listening For That Sweet Tune:

When I was able to compose myself I finally opened my eyes to see everything that was around me inside the house. Candles were on every piece of furniture leaving this amber glow through the whole house. I guess I can say now, blood is quite normal to me now. At first I was getting sick to exact sight of it or even the thought but now, it's really not that bad. This may be some disturbed point of view but what hasn't been disturbing the past several days? I guess I'm just desensitized now.  

From where I was staringI was still against the doorwas a wall no more than four feet away from me. On the entire length of this wall is a skinny table of which has several melted candles on it. To my left and right were hallways to other rooms but there was this bloody smear on the ground like a bleeding patron was dragged by a third party; the blood path led to the left. Looking into that room I could only see flickers of light from the candles and what seemed like dancing shadows. Up high in the same room I could see a lot of movement and after a while of determining what I was staring at I noticed that it was dancing-ballroom dancing. 

The couple that I sawfrom what it feels likea few hours ago, seemed to be following, then again I may have just been following them. I looked to the room to my rightwhich was the room conjunctioning to the lighthouse like towerall I could make out was darkness and dark figures all around in the room. I could see a faint light coming from in the room but leading behind me, this was where the tower was, so it looks like that light hasn't gone out yet. Im not really sure what to do at this point, either I can go left to meet the maker of all this blood on the floor or I can head right, into the darkness, not knowing what is over there. I feared nothing would be worse than what was to my left so I got up and tried to get the guts to move forward.

If I am recalling this correctlyI am just in this big state of shock right nowthe room that I am preparing myself to go in is the same exact room that I was standing on the other side while the hands were covering the window. I think I just took a back-step, I really shouldn't think of things like that if I am going to enter the exact same room that I am thinking creepy things about. I approached the table in front of me and grabbed one of the lit candle sticks; I moved slowly so the flame wouldn't go out and I also put my hand in front of it so no big gusts of wind will blow it out. I was now entering another domain of who knows what, I just hope its nothing with a desire to end me for good. When I entered the room I hugged the left wallnot only so I can cover my back but also to look at the window that was covered with blood. Just a few steps in and I already was reaching the beginning of the window. Moving my light closer to the window, I noticed that there was still blood on the window and it wasn't just some hallucination along with that was something else.

There was what seemed like roots or veins in the surface of the window but they were just as deep red as the rest of the window. Looking closer, they looked like actual veins that you see on your body though they were all relatively shallow, in fact, they weren't shallow at all they were straight bare. I focused my gaze to more veins and as I stood still trying to focus I saw the veins move up and down like they were in fact living things still breathing and working. I traced the veins down to see them approach the ground and flow underneath the floor boards maybe flowing directly under my feet or even leading down into the basement. I heard something glass fall to the floor to my right and upon turning around I saw something.

When you put yourself back into the threshold looking into the roomthe window still on your leftto your right was the rest of the room but another hallway led down to lead behind me right around the corner when you walk straight into the room. In this hallwayleading out of the current room I was inwas where a dark figure stood. It wasn't the same one as before but it still gave me the same dread as the other dark figure. Down this hallway is also where the light is coming from and somewhere back there is where I saw the shadows of dancing. Looking at whatever was looking at me just gave me chills. Seconds at a time it felt like the figure was twitching abnormally but whenever I blinked I noticed that my mind was playing tricks on me.

I could see its face and it looked like it was in a suit, then it smiled at me. Not just an ordinary smile but a big grin showing all of his teethor lack thereof. He had several teeth missing and several more filed down to little stubs but I could see his smile through all the darkness. His mouth opened wider and he started to look up making the most emotional scream I have heard. It was full of anguish and anger, he was frustrated. One of his hands went inside his mouth and a gushing and cracking followed. a big snap of what sounded like a bone breaking came out of his mouth and he showed me a tooth that he just ripped out in his upper right jaw. Blood proceeded to flow out of his mouth and with the same hand that ripped out his tooth rubbed against his face to get the blood off his face. Before lowering his hand again he looked at his tooth that he just took out and shifted his gaze towards me. He spat blood towards my direction as if I did something disgusting but as he noticed that the blood didn't go very far, he threw his tooth at me.

I didn't want to move because I wanted to see if this was either a hallucination or an actual living thing in front of me--I haven't been this close to very many things so I had to know. The tooth was real, it hit my shoulder and I could feel a little poke of a sharp edge on the tooth but it was nothing to cry about and then it fell, rolling down my body till it hit the floorit sounded real too. I looked back up at him very surprisingly because I really wasn't planning to find out that my previous and present hallucinations were more than just my imagination. He already had his back to me when I looked back up and he was casually walking away then stopped in his tracks. He looked to his left looking down to a table with glass dishes on it, then picked one up. Admiring the craftsmanship I heard him mumble something to himself and smashed the dish on one of the corners of the same table and continued on his way down the hallway whistling some upbeat tune.

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