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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Listening For That Sweet Tune-Chapter 15: The Ones With Eyes

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Previously on Listening For That Sweet Tune:

A big red door with a candle melting on some brick molding stood in front of me in the distance. I couldn't say that the sun disappeared but its dark now. As I was approaching the house while I was gaining more altitude the lingering fog got thicker and thicker till it reached the point in which light was a resource in need. Other than giving me the ability to see my hands in front of my face, I never really cared for light but now that there is a barrier of fog and ash between me and my only source of light, I guess I was missing it a little. 


Now the house that I was approaching was reaching an old age but it still had a vibrant look to it. Mostly brick all around I felt that there was something else to what appeared to the eye. It was in the shape of a backwards 'L' where the bottom piece was facing me. This little outcropping in the letter was a tower to what appeared to me. It almost looked as if it was a lighthouse and as far as I knew, it was. That is where I saw the light and that’s where I can see it right now so I know something has to be here. The rest of the letter though, was dark. There were windows on both sides of the door and I could see through all the way through the house due to several windows on the other side. 


There are several dark figures I can see inside but they mostly look like furniture. I walked away from the window and stood under the only light I could see for as far as I can see and it stood directly above the door—the tower was so high I couldn't see that light at all. Knocking rather hard I was hoping that if there were tenants here, they wouldn't be hibernating bears that I just woke up from their schedule. I didn't hear anything after a several seconds and I knocked again then took a couple steps to the side to look through the window, hoping to see some movement inside the house—nothing. Reaching for the door handle I noticed it didn't even budge. I sighed and cupped my hands on the window so I could see more inside. You think if anything jumped out at me I would jump but I was expecting anything and to be honest, I was getting tired. I don't know how long it has been since I last slept but I just wanted to go to bed. 


Handprints pushed up against the glass not just one or even a pair but several. I backed a few steps back and hands upon hands were pushing up against the glass till it got to the point that I couldn't see though any glass inside the house. They were all moving in this fluid motion that made it feel like an interpreted dance but an intermission came early. Everything stopped dead in their tracks and I held my breath in shock to see what was gong to happen next and before I knew it the intermission ended. Eyes, so many eyes. They were just pushing through the palms of the hands like they were growing under the skin and they were. They were in different sizes and shapes and they were bugging around like they were just granted sight and then I couldn't hold my breath anymore. 


Soon as I let my lungs work again every single eye directed their gaze towards me within seconds. They starred with such intent I couldn't do anything, I could only wait to see what was going to happen next and that didn't take very long at all because seconds later just a few of the eyes started twitching and bugging out again while the rest just stared right through my soul. Blood started flowing out of the ones that stood still, like they were tears and then more fell. Cuts and scratches started appearing on all the hands just out of thin air. Like it was coming out from the inside--some invisible blade. More and more blood started flowing on the window and cuts turned even more deeper and eyes and fingers were falling off falling to the ground until all the blood was all that I could see in between me and the rest of what I saw. 


Lightning struck somewhere behind me and I knew it was close because that and the thunder sounded at exactly the same time and this was the first thing so far to make me jump. I turned around and through all the flashes of light I noticed there was a pathway from this little house to out into the woods behind me. Rain started pouring hard and before I knew it I was drenched. Soon as I turned back around the red door to the house was now wide open with a few lights on inside. I wasn't so sure if I wanted to head inside anymore but when I looked over my shoulder once more I could see the black thing at the end of the path watching me like it always does. Its just watching me—that’s sadistic—I didn't want to know what it was thinking whether it would be plotting my death or just simply watching the things I do. Whatever its motives were, I wanted them to stop and I wanted peace. 


I then stormed to the door already planning that when I head inside the house, the lock to the door was going to be the first thing that I touched. Running past the threshold, my hand was already on the door nearly shutting myself out but to my surprise, there was no lock. I exhaled rather hardly and I pushed my back against the door sliding further down till I was sitting down. I never have seen this thing break down a door before so maybe with my luck, before it screws up my life I need to invite it into the house—I wasn't going to do that.

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