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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fumbling For Hope

Just don't fail me now as we beat on hearts strings. 

Wrapped around my neck with just one more step.

Please stop that noise, its hurting inside.

pause and then reverse its the walk of romance

I was waiting for a kiss but all I got was a goodbye.

I left it to discretion.

A shot went,

through my eye.

All these plays of circumstance make my ankles sway.

I wanted to apologize,

but Ill kill you,

either way.

I never thought there could be enough.

Sometimes the worst becomes the best of things.

Sometimes I just need to give up then never give up.

It filled up my heart, but words put me down.

This is enough.

There couldn't be anything better than this.

There has to be something more than this.

I started feeling lost ever since I lost my sane.

Loosing everyone that will never look at me the same.

I will leave everything but keep my pile of dirt.

its been twenty years....why haven't I learned?

Remember me

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