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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Child: Entry 17 (2 of 2)

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The Beginning:

Previously on The Child:

Long red tapestries with gold lettering hanged from the ceiling filling up all the corners of the worn down room. From what I could see, the room was further own and we were approaching a ledge and when Ville crouched behind the short stone wall that blocked my vision to see into the chamber further I noticed that stairs were on both sides heading left and right from where Ville was standing. I caught up with him again and I began to peek around the top of the wall to see what was happening but Ville pulled me down and whispered to me, 'Not here.' 

     He turned to head down the left set of stairs and I followed him. After a flight of stairs there was another landing while on the way down the walls to form the room were to my left and directly in front of me when the stairs hit the landing and took a turn to my right. To my right at the moment though, was the short wall blocking my view to see into the room--that’s a good and a bad thing I guess. When I reached the landing there was a fork to go two directions. One was to continue to go forward from the same direction where the original steps were going but it was now a steady straight path. While looking down there were several paths going left and right and it looked like a labyrinth. To my right was another set of stairs going down followed by another landing then heading right again. 

Right where I stood I could finally see into the room, Ville stood there in awe too. From what looked like the center of the room was two podiums. A rather small one sat closer to the center and four concrete beds facing all the cardinal directions pointing out were surrounding the podium. From what I could make out, the Delacroix's box laid on the small podium and of the four podiums, two of them had a body on them. A crowd circled around this scene and The Mother stood on something underneath her to make her stand out from the crowd. She had her arms raised and she was preaching to her fellow subjects, I couldn't make out what she was saying but Ville turned to go into the labyrinth--he obviously knew what he was doing.              

I followed Ville into the sets of hallways and he turned quickly on his second right to reach a near sprint in the direction of where The Mother was.  As we were heading down the hallway there was an opening to lead to the left parallel hallway, then to the right and it continued back and forth. I stopped for a quick second to look down the one to my right to see that this hallway did the same thing but to its right was openings to the room where everyone stood. Ville stood at an opening a little ways in front of me and he motioned to head down the one where he was so I continued down the hallway I was in previously to meet up with him. As I turned right to see him he was crouched down at one of the openings looking down into the room next to us. We were behind The Mother and to her right, 'she doesn't expect a thing.' Ville whispered to me. 'Come, you need to hear this.'

I got up behind him looking over his shoulder into the room, The Mother was shouting to the crowd with power in her voice. It looked like she was proud of all the things she does and all that she stood for but I guess I couldn't judge her just yet because I wasn't quite sure what they were. 

'...Incipe iuventus et sacrificium faceret!' She yelled. Ville turned his mouth to me but was still fixed on the ceremony.

'She just finished reciting the Solitary's Folly, from what I understand that has always been said before the events take place.' 

'What events?' I asked and he pointed towards the crowd to move my attention to see what was happening. The Mother walked through the crowd and started to talk again. 

'You are in an alley, you hear a man scream for help, you walk to him, he dies before your eyes, he is only mortal. Now you’re in a meadow, you can see and smell everything Mother Nature has given us but it is only mortal. You set fire to the field and hang the man on the tree. Now you are on a boat. A man and a woman are getting tossed by the sea. You let them stay on your boat but they are only mortal! You shoot the woman first and approach the man! You need to devour his soul. 7, 16, 6, 21, 14, she would be proud! Fire! End the mans story! Take his life to lengthen yours! She is waiting for you! Black! Blue! Become salvation! Make, her, proud!' 

She raised a knife and stabbed herself in the gut. Bending over and coughing up blood while she was walking to the two bodies that were on the beds around the box. She approached one and started to stab at it fiercely spraying blood all around to the surrounding congregation and everyone around her raised their hands to embrace what was happening.

A slow loud clicking came from the box and the gears within it started to turn and rotate, moving in every direction, then she approached the other body. Stabbing at it with more anger than the one before, stabbing the mans chest and cutting up his arms covered her with blood and her once white dress turned into dark red and it seeped into her skin. She began to yell at the sky in extreme pain and the box clicked faster then it started vibrating moving around the podium it was on. It felt like the gates of hell just opened and we were witnessing the events to end all days. 

Black roots came out from the box--as I saw before, outside with the children-- and started tracing there path through the air towards the two bodies while the box itself had a bright light coming from out of it. The clicking from the box became faster and began to float in the air while everyone around it looked like they were in pain. The bodies started twitching frantically and the two men who were previously dead woke up and started yelling even louder than everyone else in the room.

Blood started rushing back into their bodies but before I thought they were resurrecting the dead the bodies began bleeding again but not out of their previous would but out of their eyes, mouths, ears and many other locations and before I was able to blink their skin was torn off and the light from the box receded and a big flash came out blinding me and everyone else. 

When I gained my vision back everyone that was previously screaming was lying on the ground motionless. I looked towards Ville and he was lacking on the ground beginning to wake up. The bodies that were torn up still laid on their beds, bleeding everywhere but when I looked back to the center podium, the box was gone. Ville shook his head for a few seconds and looked at me to say,

'Welcome to what was once known as pure.' Then he continued to say that we needed the box in our hands while everyone was still recuperating. As he looked down towards where it was, I looked behind me and there it was, if it had eyes it would be staring right at me. It was at the end of the hall of where we just came from but it was in a new shape. Ville looked over me and saw it too, he breathed out hard and from what I could make out he said that it was taking a liking to me.          

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