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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Child: Entry 14

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The Beginning:

Previously on The Child

Entry 13

Auge and Hans sat me in the living room on the couch as soon as I got back inside the house. As everyone outside was debating if I was some psychopath I was left in here to my own thoughts—most of them was how psychopathic the family was. It was silent in the room. All I could here was the grandfather clock to my right ticking away waiting for time to end so it could retire and enjoy its end of days. Time wont end, it’s waiting for something that will never happen. I looked over my shoulder to look at the two men who have been watching me and they were looking at each other as Auge nodded to Hans very slightly and Hans nodded back and looked at me. 


'I hope you realize how much shit you are in boy.' Hans stated. 'I never thought you could do something like killing an innocent man and I could only wonder why you did it. Its not like he got on your bad side.' Auge walked on the other side of me and leaned into my face and smiled. 


'How did you do it?' Auge asked 'Getting out of your room with us only just a few feet away and kill and move a dead man just to lie on the cottage front porch for everyone to see. You make me sick.' I was curious how they thought that they were going to get away with blaming anything on me. Then again, I’m not even sure if anyone trusts me anymore. As if I was some devil manipulating everything I could set my eyes on.

'—And to steal what is ours. Like your entitled to anything you want in the world.' They got me wrong. I don't think I am even capable to even kill another man but I have always been curious about it since I was little. 


When I was young I remember having a dream—that’s how everything starts right? I was little but young enough to know the difference between right and wrong but not why it was right or wrong. I was standing with my mother at a park. Though I went out to be social I still wasn't social. I sat with my mother watching everyone jump and play, giggling out loud. Like I was a parent watching my own child. I just didn't want to be apart of the action; I just wanted to watch everything happen. At that same moment, two men were running on the looping sidewalk outside of the park. Where me and my mother sat was on a bench midway between the park and the sidewalk. 


The man ahead was young but foolish while the man chasing him was older and middle aged. The older man kept yelling 'stop!' or 'stop him!' but no one could really do anything because this was a playground with children and mothers. What did he expect? Nothing happened in respect for the old man but anything but respect happened to the old man. The man that was being chased reached into his coat pocket and took out a small handgun, back-stepped a little then shot hitting the other man in the chest. I was the only one that saw this happen; everyone else had their heads turned looking at more important things. 


It’s the shot of the gun that got everyone’s attention. The man fell to the ground choking on his own blood trying to breathe. Hoping for it to stop and the people only watched waiting for something to happen but when everyone just watches, nothing will get done but I couldn't help but think of the man, and who he was. Its weird—the thoughts I had I mean—I looked at him and I thought of crazy scenarios one of which stood out from everything else. What if that man was me just in the future? Like all the paths of the present and the future commingle together—nobody can notice that.

I see the man choke and scream and I felt like a part of me die, like I was actually dying on the inside. So it would make sense in a weird sort of perspective. As we watch our own bodies die in the future how else could we feel? We don't feel sorry for the person that dies, we feel sorry for our own death and how we could be watching it at that very second. We are all selfish but then again we could just be the same person just differently in another form so what would that make us? 


Ville then walked in front of me then proceeded to sit right next to me. He shifted his body to be looking at me. I knew he was there, I saw him but I was just so lost in thought I couldn't comprehend the movement of my own body anymore so I just continued to stare forward. Ville said my name repeatedly and started to shake my shoulder and as I felt contact to another thing and became self aware of my own body, I could move—though I wasn't trying to do anything about it anyway. I asked him what he wanted. 

'The family is ready to speak with you Emery, this is a very interesting circumstance that you are going through and this has started to make me think that The Family... some thing is just weird.' He paused and turned to look where I was looking, leaned forward and continued. 'This has been becoming something like an actual family that you see everyday. There is a head of the household and what they say goes, like were all children just having to follow our parents in a manner of speaking. That’s not right, this place has changed and something needs to happen.

Are you listening to me Emery?' I nodded to him and he looked over his shoulder to get a glimpse of my seeming to be noble watch-guards. They were turned away having their own conversation and then Ville turned back to me speaking in a whisper. 'I have a plan Emery and I need you. We are going to leave this place to replace it with another do you understand?' I responded with a gentle 'yeah'. Ville closed his eyes and nodded at me then continued. 'Ok. I know you didn't kill that man in solitary but I cant stress how much I need you to behave. You need to be top notch and I'll work on everything else... lets go.' 


We both got up from the couch while attracting attention to Auge and Hans, they both looked over at us and Ville said something about me being ready to face everything. The two punks grabbed my arms again and started to lead me outside again. This time Ville was in front of us as he opened the front door to help me get outside. As I passed him I could see that his eyes were that strange shade of black again and he was smiling at me. Nobody else has seemed to notice that; maybe I was just as insane as the rest of the people here. 

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