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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Amicus Est Tanquam Alter Idem Pt. 3


by Kira Shanel 

In my face,
leaving a reflective line.
Words streaking.
Words peaking.
Of your hate for me.
It’s tainted with bitterness.
Its tainted with your slime.
Harmful on your time.
Each word of hate,
leaves our spit trail.
Your filth, your nastiness.
Burning like alcohol you've consumed.
Keep spiting my dear mother,
breath reeking with alcohol.
Spit at me!
Then crawl down the hall.
I'll stand there,
to let your spit drip down and off my face.
No center.
So hollow is your chest.
How can you love me?
A stepmother.
Empty and full of spit.

Remember them

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