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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Amicus Est Tanquam Alter Idem Pt. 5


    Closer To...

    By: Amy Scheibe 

I sit next to him.
The darkness pours in.
I can feel his disease.
He turns his head slowly towards me.
I flinch at the sight.
His eyes dig into me.
Searching my soul.
I try to stop it.
A fight within me.
The searching continues.
Till it stops abruptly with a twisted smile.
Him then knowing my every weakness.
He never says a word but his body language tells it all.
His lips part and he speaks two words.
"Hello again."
My eyes widen.
My body freezes.
I ask "w..what?"
He says nothing.
Just hums a familiar tune.
I try to move, but my body refuses
I feel somehow drawn to listen.
It goes on for what feels like hours.
He stops suddenly.
Feeling as if I am returning from a trance.
He smiles "Remember me?"
"Yes." I respond quickly.
Trying to force the memory from my mind.
"…but you were just a childhood nightmare."
He laughs hysterically at me
His jaw moving up in down unnaturally,
"Just a nightmare? I’m far more than that my dear."
I look at him nervously.
"What are you then?"
He stands up slowly, his expression now serious.
"We've had this conversation." He says.
"Tell me. What. You. Are." I respond.
He disappears from view, yet a feel his breath on my neck. 
"I’m what will be the death of you someday.
The more you see me...the closer you are."

     Remember them

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