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Monday, March 5, 2012

The Child: Entry 18

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The Beginning:

Previously on The Child:

The next events were presented in a very peculiar way; as it seemed to me, everything was waiting for me but as I am not who I am.  Ville got up leaving an exhausted grunt every inch till he stood up straight. I was fixed on the cube, just looking at it made a feeling rise up from my inner body. He walked in front of me and looked down while offering his hand, when I looked up to him his face changed from a delightful grin to, something else. I didn't really know what he saw in me at that moment but neither did I for him.

'What’s wrong?' he asked. I shifted my gaze off his eyes and looked at the floor.

'I, I don't know, it feels like something is crawling inside of me, making a home but I don't know what it is.'

'Is it an actual physical feeling or is it just a weird thought?' Ville asked. I closed my eyes and started to listen and think for an actual feeling--as if I was waiting for my brain to tell me the answer.

'Both.' I said. 'But it's in my brain. It's like something is crawling in my head trying to change my emotional well being.'

'I understand.' Ville replied. 'I've had that feeling before and something needs to be done about it. We need to go, we need to leave this place before it is to late.'

'For what?' I asked

'We are going somewhere, a place that you have never seen like it before, I am sure of it.' I didn't really know what else I was going to do here. I loved the people here so much but regardless of how much the people loved me, there is a black label over my name and I will never be looked at the same way again through the eyes of these inhabitants. I don't know what is worse, having no family or having one turn against you, I think I would have been just fine not knowing how a normal family works—I would rather be left alone. Ville looked down to see everyone that was around the alter, he sighed for a bit then he looked at me.

'I knew those two men who were used as sacrifices, I have known them for a long time, such a shame.' As I was getting back to my feet I was curious what he meant. From my impression, the two men didn't offer themselves up for a sacrifice, this was forced, which means that they weren't friends to The Family and if Ville knew them, maybe he isn't what he always led to be. I kept this to myself so I could ponder it just a bit longer before asking questions to Ville. I was also curious about the people down there but not the sacrifices but the members who participated. Anastasius didn't seem like a person to participate nor did everyone else that believed I was innocent but is this a second side? I wasn't going to check who was all there but the curiosity remained. 

I turned around to look at the box and something seemed different about it—just the angle if how I was looking at it now I guess—but I knew that we were leaving and I wasn't sure how long it will be till the people woke up so I started to head towards the box. I was curious on why its name was the same as my last but knowing the role that I am playing now, I’m sure its light would be shed on me in time. Ville started to pay his attention to me as I was walking forward and then followed me just a few seconds behind. 

You wouldn't expect that it would be hard to walk down a hallway but the box seemed to disagree with that thought. I felt something of a resistance in the air pushing me back as I was pushing forward as if a strong gust of wind then the atmosphere changed. It started to grow colder each and every step I took closer. I looked back to ask Ville if he was feeling anything too but he was gone, just like that with no trace in sight. I turned back to look at the box and everything changed around me. I was on top of a mountain but the box was still in sight. Snow thrashed everywhere and my feet got really cold, it was lifelike it seemed like I really was on top of a mountain and not just seeing things. 

Edges of the cliff were very close to me on either side but as I looked down to my left I could see a village in the midst of the clouds and snow. I looked back at the box and then I realized it was now on a podium being surrounded by water. I looked around me and I was waist deep in water. I was in a river, going against the current with trees all around me—the place seemed like a swamp. Looking around me I saw a young woman on a boat weeping, while looking back to the box it appeared that it was even further away than before. I saw everything change, the water levels went down, the podium disappear and the environment around me dissolved into a plain. Old buildings scattered around the horizon but the box was just a few feet from me now. The sun went down and it got incredibly dark with no light in sight. Everything cleared up seconds after to place me back in Solitary but looking around—as I have done many times before—I saw strange shapes and people floating through the other hallways following me.

One stood out from the rest and she was to my left, floating above everything but along my side on the other side of the wall. She was the only one that wasn't looking at me but she was the most interesting wearing a dark blue dress and some black overcoat with a hood that was covering up a little of her face. She was crying looking down at something in her hands but I couldn't make out what it was but before I knew it I heard a loud bang, she turned around, I turned around with her and she disappeared Ville was behind me again and he looked at me as if I was here all along.

When I turned back around the box was at my feet—being about the size of my feet like a little music box. It was in an octagonal shape, which was different than before because it was a hexagonal during the sacrifice. No gears were moving within it, I bent over and picked it up and it was heavier then anyone would expect it to be. Looking in more detail I saw that it was made entirely out of metal and what seemed like silver and a black metal. It was strange but it seemed all too familiar at the same time.           

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