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Monday, March 19, 2012

Listening For That Sweet Tune-Chapter 4: The Place is Mine

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I woke up to find myself in a familiar place but it seemed to be something of a new entirety in itself. If I heard Serenity right when she first told me, this place was mine, number three o' six. As before I jumped out from my eternal slumber to find out that I was covered in sweat and shaking again. While my eyes were closed I could hear Serenity talking to me—or maybe herself—in the midst of all the silence. I couldn't make out what she was saying but she was in desperation to get a word out. She sounded hysterical and was crying but no matter how she sounded or how hard I tried, I could not understand her.

I opened my eyes to look around the room to see everything, as it was—a wooden chair next to the bedside to my right. Other than that, the room was empty, silent and it was defiantly missing something. One might say I was just lacking furniture but it felt less material and more like something that can feel my heart and complete my soul. I wasn't going to stay here because I wanted answers so I jumped out of my bed to head back outside to find an explanation of things.

Not everything is so simple though. When I got up I saw movement in the opposing room—a quick little run-by. I ran into the other room to see nothing but I heard the door slam shut, obviously someone was here and they were getting away. I looked around for a pair of shoes because I knew being barefooted wasn't going to get me anywhere, especially if this took outside. I found some worn down slip on slippers by the door and I continued to examine what I was wearing—a pair of what seemed like dress pants and a ragged torn stripped sweater; It didn't look all that great.

I ran out into the hallway and directly in front of me on the other side of the hall was the elevator closing to return to the main floor and a man having his back to me, staring at the wall, inside the elevator. Alright, someone was in my apartment—being the only other person so far—and they have something to do that involves me and my apartment. I ran out, closing the door behind me, to head down to the other side of the hall, when I reached there the elevator was still on its way down so I looked for the doorway to the staircase. From where I was—directly in front of the elevator—there were two doors, one being to the left and the other to the right. I reached my hand towards the left door, the door opened to turn out to be a broom closet but lacking the brooms. Instead, were a couple of buckets on the floor and on a lone empty shelf was a worn out hard covered book that read on the front cover 'Aesop's Fables'. 

I turned around to hurry to the other door, the stairway turned out to be behind this door. Hurrying down the steps, I reached the second floor—me being on the third—to hear a loud scream on the other side of the door to walk into the hallway. I stood for a few seconds to catch my breath and I listened. A woman was crying and saying something about forgiveness, a sharp 'ching' like noise followed—like the one you hear from when you hear two thin pieces of metal sliding against each other. She started to yell 'no' and I opened the door as quickly as I could to find myself looking down a vacant hallway with a different colour scheme than on the third floor. No woman was on the hall, no traces of anything, just nothing. 

I began to have second thoughts of if I had heard something then I heard an ascending then descending scream behind me, like someone was falling. I turned around to see an even more nothing, I was shaken but nothing was seen so I proceeded to the main floor. When I reached the main floor landing I walked out of the stairwell onto the main floor to look at the lobby as same as it was before. There were people here but something was up, they were lethargic, everyone seemed like they were sleep walking. Looking towards the front windows out to the street I saw a man run by—that must have been who I was following. 

When I ran outside, the city was more bustling than it was before but it still seemed empty. I still saw no vehicles of any kind but people walked along the sidewalks in the same ones that were in the lobby behind me. Fog still covered the city and I couldn't see anything other than walking shadows further than a good twenty feet. I ran to my left down the sidewalk expecting to see another man running and after a few seconds I did. He was now running into more of a jog now as if he forgot everything that he was just doing, then turned into an alleyway to his and my left. When I got more near I could start to hear a man screaming for help—maybe the same man I saw before or he could also be the one promoting the screams.   

I turned the corner to see the alleyway nearly black and even harder to see down, I heard movement in front of me so I proceeded cautiously. The movement sounded like a rustling of clothing in one central area, when I got closer I saw a silhouette of something bending over with his arms out touching another figure that was sitting up and leaning against a wall. A few more steps further took notice to the man because he stood up and what looked like to be staring at me then turning the opposite direction while running. I sped up thinking that I was going to follow him but when I reached the figure that was lying against the wall, I spent more attention to that.

It was a man to be what appeared to be dead. He had something like a trench coat on and his arm reaching inside resting against his chest. In his last hours he was trying to stop a fatal wound on his chest, looking around I saw a knife that was beside him covered in blood. I leaned down to look at him closer, he was staring at something in front of him—either being the killer or even something on the other side of the alleyway—with a pale complexion that looked as if all of his blood was drained from his body. He was still bleeding, I could tell because a blood puddle was forming around him and it was continuing to grow in size. I felt the lapels of his coat hoping to feel something in his interior coat pockets but there was no avail. I looked back to the way I came and what were originally several yards of running length of the alley turned out to be just a few feet or so. I walked back out into the main street yelling things about needing medical attention or some form of authority but nobody took notice. I saw several people on the other side of the street and not one of them turned their heads, as if I wasn't really here.  

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