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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Child: Entry 22

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The Beginning:

Previously on The Child:

In comparison from where we were to the time of day, it was sundown and our journey today had only begun a few hours ago. It’s been a few days since we last ate something but Ville tells me that, that is a good sign.

'Where we are headed to is in a place that was once a desert a long time ago. Through the years the city has nearly vanquished the desert in which it was founded. Though the sands that were once there are under a thriving city, the climate remains as if the desert was still there.' From all the stories he tells me of this place I could only imagine how beautiful this city will be when I finally get to lay my eyes on it but for now, finding something that could help us live for at least another week till we reach this city would be much more appreciated.

As I was following Ville to the house I noticed that he walked very lethargically. There was no bounce to his step as there once was—it was like he was sleep walking. Though looking at his pace and then mine I noticed I wasn't gaining any length on him whatsoever, so it's most likely safe to say that I was in the exact same condition as him.  The air was dry and it became harder with each and every breath like I was eating cotton. Ville then turned to look at me—he was about a few yards away from me but even further from the house—his eyes were that piercing black again but he looked angry, almost like he was an animal himself and was willing to kill everyone that stood on his territory. Though he looked furious his actions were still calm but I was sure that something was bothering him.
'I know this place.' Ville said. 'It’s a place I went to a lot when I lived in the city, which means we are fairly close but there is something that needs to be done first.' He pointed at the building as he finished his sentence, which brought my attention to the condition of the building. It wasn't livable so I would be surprised that this is a present place where somebody lived. Maybe that is what bothered him but I wouldn't know for sure.

'This man taught me a lot of things; he was very wise and compassionate. I have to go inside.' Ville jogged towards the house as I followed. As we got closer I noticed more fine details about the houses roof, windows and even the wood that made up the house. All of which were broken and or had holes in them. I looked more at the wood and it had scorch marks everywhere and the wood looked partially burned but something stopped it because the wood was still firm and able to hold weight. From what I could tell, the house was a one story, one room, cabin like building; it leaned to my left nearly looking like it was going to fall over but something was still holding it together. By this time Ville was at the front door and I was only seconds behind him. He looked through the window to the side of the door by cupping his hands against it; he stayed like that for a while as I caught up to him. Ville was the first one inside and he looked around noticing that the place hasn't really changed since that he was last there other than the mess of neglect.

'I’m sure he is still here, he never wanted to live inside the city, he has to be here.'
'What do you think happened?' I asked. 'It looks like the house was on fire at some point, do you know if he had any enemies?'
'This city has many enemies Emery, every city has dark secrets and more than often as the days go by, the city is nearly comprised of dark secrets. It’s sad to say this but this is what has come to and we need to see if there is still anything left. I agreed and we looked around the house to see if there was anything valuable. I—in fact—didn't even know what I was looking for but Ville seemed to have an idea so I just followed his lead. He picked up several books and looked at the covers for a few seconds then tossed them aside, then pieces of glass and other assortments of jewelry. As soon as I got somewhat of an idea of what Ville was interested in I walked into the lone bedroom within the house passing a couch and flipped over tables and chairs.

When I entered the room I instantly found something that would be of interest to Ville. Connected to the bedroom was a rather small bathroom, I knew this because the door was open but within the bathroom laid a man having one arm up into the sink above him and another in a bathtub while the rest of his body was dangling on the floor. It looked like he may have slipped but when I paid more attention to his hand in the sink I realized that his wrist was tied to the faucet with a piece of rope. 'Ville?' I hesitated for a second. I was still in the doorway but Ville approached the room very quickly pushing me aside and running into the bedroom. He stopped in his own tracks and he looked devastated instantly while his eyes changed back into their natural colour and sorrow filled his soul.

Seconds passed and he became furious again; he ran to his right approaching a wardrobe and he threw it to the side and then proceeded to tear the room apart. He looked at me for a moment’s time and yelled something about me leaving the house and giving him some time. I walked out while cracks and shatters broke the silence. I sat in the living room while I heard screams of desperation and anger, this was the first time I’ve seen Ville like this and I hope it will be my last. 

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