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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Child: Entry 19

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The Beginning:

Previously on The Child:

We ran. Everything around me was moving so fast that I never really paid attention to what I was passing. I had the box tucked up between my arm and chest, holding on to it as if my life depended on it—I got attached to it, I don't really know why. It was like it became apart of me, like it was family—it did have a name just like mine though—I never looked back.

I knew Ville was behind me because I could here something like boots or dress shoes running behind me and through all these days, that’s what he preferred. I didn't know where we were going to go but there was a feeling in the air that said that we had to leave. So Ville and me ran outside with all we had on our backs.

I threw some skinny black jeans and a dark blue short sleeved shirt on before this whole thing happened and when I encountered Ville—like always—he was dressed up in a pressed white shirt and tie with black slacks; this is all we had other than what was in our pockets, whatever awaited me had been better be something like a sanctuary. I didn't know what Ville was planning on so when we got a few feet into the plains area in front of the cottage I slowed down to talk to him.

'Where are we going?'

'Well.' Ville paused 'I know where but I think that it would be best to just see. Were heading further down south along the coast, there is a place there that I have friends. They are more civilized than the barbarians that we have here but I think you should be asking questions on more important matters.' I thought for a few seconds and although I wanted to know what happened to everyone in the sanctuary and if they were dead or even something else, I never asked.

'I think we should focus on the task at hand.' I replied. 'I have trusted in you before, I am sure you know what you are doing.'

'Well thank you for trusting in me.' Ville smiled. We ran out past the property lines of what seemed to be the end of The Family's Retreat to jump a few broken down wooden fences and entered an overgrown field. Trees scattered the area, enough to give you constant shade—though currently it was night—but not enough to choke you out; it was comfortable.

Turning around looking back at where we once were, I could only wonder if anything was done differently things wouldn't have turned out this way but the choices were already made and the dominoes were already in action.

While I was turned looking at once was I saw a light coming from the orchid that heads to The Mothers house. The colour of it was this bright white and blue almost like it was sunlight but far more powerful than darkness. It looked as if it was dimming then grew in intensity seconds later and the source of it moved around quickly throughout the entire area. The light grew brighter towards my direction and it felt like it was a spotlight but a faction of light physically looking at me. When the area around me began to light up Ville noticed that we were no longer traveling in the dark and looked back to me.

'Get down!' Ville yelled then preceded to tackle me into the dirt. He pushed my head down while he was peeking a little over the foliage to make sure the lights gaze was leading somewhere else. 'Stay away from that thing, you don't want it to see us, especially right now with what we have.' I was confused in what the thing was.

'So what is it then?' I asked.

'Its, something else.' Ville responded. 'All I know is that it does something, something that can change you and there will be no turning back. I haven't been close enough to it to find out and I don't plan on it. Just whenever you see that light, stay out, its nothing but trouble.' I nodded and looked up to see if the light was over us again but it had left to look somewhere else. Ville got up then helped me up to continue going onward, Ville was getting antsy about something and I wasn't sure what it was. Though we were running through the fields he was sweating more than normally, like something you get from when you have night terrors. We continued for about twenty minutes till he finally said something to me.

'I need to do something Emery and no matter what happens just know that I am fine.'

'What do you mean?' I asked.

'Have you ever taken something addicting like drugs or alcohol or something like that. I thought for a quick second.

'No. I can’t say that I have. What’s going on?' Ville started scratching at his skin looking around for something.

'I need to appease an addiction of mine, an addiction to many as you will soon see.'

'Alright' I shrugged. 'What is it that you need to do?' I was just full of questions now.

'I will be ok alright? Don't panic because everything will be all right. If you really need to I can go somewhere out there and you can look away.' I was curious to what he was talking about so I motioned to him to proceed he nodded. He undid his tie and unbuttoned his shirt to reveal several scars and such all over his chest. Seconds later he took out the knife that was tucked near the small of his back and I figured what he was going to do but I didn't quite understand why. 

The sun was starting to rise in the distance and a red orange glow began to peek over the horizon. Though it was incredibly dark where we were, I could make out his face and everything about him but as in previous events I have had with him his pupils grew black and through everything around me, that was the one thing I could make out the most. The incredible black darkness from his eyes surpassed any form of night around us. It looked as if his eyes were blacker than pitch black but how would something like that make sense—then again what has made sense?

Ville fell to his knees and started shaking uncontrollably looking directly up in the sky in each direction very fast. Seconds at a time I could have thought I saw his neck snap in half and his head laid parallel with the coming horizon behind him. 

He immediately stabbed himself directly in the chest were his heart would be and tore his knife directly down—fast and deep—to his belly button. The whole way as the knife went down his torso breaking and rattling came out from his chest and then he dropped his knife. He put both hands on the openings of his incision on both sides to tear his chest open to reveal something that one would not particularly expect. Though blood looks black when the light of the moon touches it, this didn't seem like blood, though it was incredibly black.        

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