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Friday, March 9, 2012

One Thousand One Hundred And Thirty Four

It’s my number.
One thousand one hundred and thirty four.

One good harlot and three filthy whores.
One bent path that’s paving the way,
and twenty passionate fans, loosing the day.

Two sweet eyes that can help me see,
there was eighty two years in my history. 

Two new guitars but five others smashed apart.
Two broken hearts but twelve watched it die from the start.

One crooked night turned to ten years of time.
There was only one cellmate, he was at year 39. 

A hundred sleepless nights, a dozen sleepless days.
There could be a hundred good reasons,
but one more will pave the way.

I had thirty-five drinks for my messed up head
when I first started, I should have been dead.

Five mental illnesses, fourteen prescribed pills.
Twenty-two pills were enough to kill me
but one stomach pump brought me to reality.

I’ve seen twenty-three doctors but they have all said the same. 
I spent a good twenty years with the insane.

Thirty-five scars, mostly on my two wrists.
Ten members in my family were trying to assist.

One lonely house and one king sized bed.
This bed is made for a couple its just me instead.

One empty stomach that can eat like ten men.
The owner remains starving; it’s the third day for that.

Three razor blades and one hangman’s noose
It was the thirteenth time this year but still no use. 

One crafty city made one good home.
Forty different people made sure I wasn't alone.

I've been a good man just for a few years time. 
I met a hundred people, they all act the same.

It’s been a good weeks time since I changed my shirt.
It will be a decade though, till this stops the hurt.

There have been 2 world wars in this century,
but in this one mind, a greater war is in me. 

I never had a wife, or even a testimony,
when it all ends what will happen to me?

I’ve read seventy books but the subject was all the same.
Murder, blood and philosophy.

I’ve smoked sixty-seven cigarettes all in stressful times.
Then I found my brother died of cancer, he was only twenty-nine.

One hundred good men, 
would have fought for a hundred years for you,
but you only chose me, 
the one who fought for his mind instead.

Remember me

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