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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Listening For That Sweet Tune-Chapter 3: A Short Visit

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This Serenity was a strange woman—it almost seemed like she wasn't right in the head—I could have sworn that I have seen her talking to herself and she was looking over her shoulder every few seconds. Like she looked at corners of walls like there was something their, her view was just fixed, staring—it was very odd. When I started to stare at her to see what she was so fixed on she noticed my gaze and looked towards me and just made it seem like she was just daydreaming.

As I was following her down the sidewalk I kept looking around the corners too as if I believed that she truly was seeing something. She breathed in deeply and she was walking and she said; 'Isn't this day just beautiful?’ I looked around and I couldn't understand what she was seeing, the sky was dark, benevolent. Nothing made sense, no sense at all.  

I followed her as she turned the corner and everything seemed so strange. I saw a building with fine architecture making an end to the street. I could only think of a villa as you see that all the rich people have but this may have been bigger than that--then again I don't know what makes a villa.  Right up in the front you see the road split in two ways around a set of rolling grassy knolls creating a circle. This, of which, was bigger than it would first seem to be. It looked as if the center grassy area could have been a kilometer in diameter but if it wasn't, it was close.

If you looked at it from the perspective of an aerial view, it would be circles within circles. The first being the road and then separating the road to all the foliage was a sidewalk. Next within the circle was a single row of flowers but not just one kind of flower. In fact while I approaching the hill while following Serenity I looked at them at a loser view, I wouldn't be surprised is every single flower was a different kind. The grass filled the rest of the circle and looking at the knoll in it, it may have just been in the exact center. Everything was perfect and precise and I haven't even taken notice to what laid directly on the other side of the knoll. By this time Serenity was already on the grass and I was to the point of walking over the flowers while not trying to destroy any of the beauty.      

I knew that before I started to walk on this property I saw a rather large building on the other side but I couldn't quite make anything out due to the thickness of the fog. Now I could but the knoll covered the lower half of the house, itself was up on its own hill making my present angle just enough to see what seemed as the entrance of the house. I could see that a two story—and what seemed to be brick—mansion was on the other side—it had many bay windows and skylights. The front of the house was relatively straight the whole length other than towards the exact center was the door several feet back more into the house. On both sides of the door was plenty of space for chairs tables and two large columns that towered up to the second story and ending to where a boxed gable roof was.  

I continued to follow Serenity and I noticed that she started to hasten up her pace like when some do when they are late. She saw something, I knew it and by this time she was up on top of the knoll while I was just starting to begin my assent. I lost sight of her, there was this big twisting feeling in my gut but the feeling had a thought attached to it. The feeling told me that I was going to loose her and this may just be a farewell.

'Hey Serenity?' I yelled. 'Wait for me.' Silence followed for what seemed like an eternity as I was now midway up the hill but my pace was more like a run now.

'Ben.' She finally responded but with a tone of weakness in her voice. 'You really need to see this view, it is rather quite beautiful, I am sure you will love it.' She sounded very close, like she was right next to me, so I sprinted up the rest of the length to the top. When I reached it, I saw Serenity was already at the base and walking towards the house.

I was confused because I could have sworn that she was so close but she was really so far away. As I watched her disappear in the fog I put my attention back to the house, more details poked out making everything finer in my head, then I noticed something. There was something like a building behind this house but not at a rather typical size but all I could really see was a large silhouette towering into the sky like the skyscrapers I saw near the apartment.

Something was glowing at the top of this tower. The light penetrated through the fog and shined in my face. Before I had the chance to think about blocking the light I started to lose my breath and I felt a panic attack head directly to my lungs. I grew uneasy; my legs shacked and then toppled from underneath me. I know I hit my head rather hard because the whole time when things went dark, I could feel this pulsing on the left side of my head but everything was dark for a while.     

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