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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Last Words To A Fake Lover

I found myself thinking about you tonight.
All night.
Crying with angry tears.
So full of impunity.
What happened?
So I thought,
what made you to walk into my life?
Why did you even have to?
Did you not know you were going to fail?
I just tried to screw things up. 
Some form of self-sabotage.
You believed, made me to believe.
Then you left me when I needed you the most.
Funny how it always works that way...

I replaced you being by my side,
with pills.
You were the one that I loved,
now I love loneliness.

Your love for me just became pain.
Several slashes on my wrist.


You said you loved scars.
So you can always remember what happened.
I remember what you did
and how you left.

The taste of skin I always loved on my lips.
That taste of you.
It now tastes like blood.
Just flowing down my throat.
Clogging up my breath.
Feeling a thick consistency with every gulp.
It’s becoming to taste better every time. 
I want you to look at me,
to see what is left.
I want to see you cry, 
so you can see what you created.
I want you to know,
that you did a good job.
I want to watch you sleep at night.
So I can see you stir with sorrow.
You deserve nothing more.
You will die,
with that one last thought.

I hope you regret everything,
you deserve to feel that.
Just grow up.
Take that big fist from reality.
Bruise your disgrace of a face.
Then you realize.

You suck as a human.
You don't deserve a title.
For intelligence.
For self worth.
When will you end it?
But this isn't just for you.
This goes to your kind.

The kind that doesn't see, 
further than a straight line.
The kind that doesn't understand, 
life outside of a textbook.
The kind that doesn't think things through until their said.
The kind that is sheltered from the real world.
Built upon intolerance.
Living you live exactly as those before you.
Living a life that has been done before.
Like some indoctrinated robot.
Listening to what has been told.
Never looking anywhere else.
Stepping in everyone’s way like you're better.

You know who you are.
You don't deserve a name to taint my tongue.
You're not important,
or special.
Your name is just an average word,
deserving no special treatment.
Being no more significant that the word dirt,




That’s all you will be in my eyes,
you've worked for it,
you have earned it.

Go cry now.
Though I know you already have.
It will,
and always be,
Pure silence.
To my ears, and mind.
This is no longer ignorance,
or intolerance.
This is just what you made me. 

Remember me

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