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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Threatening My Sanity On The Edge Of The World

I've been threatening myself with my own sanity.

Hoping that I can hold on, 

tighter, longer,

but I cant.

I have been alone all this time. 

Its time for something new.

I think I will have to reach,

someone at least.

Before its to late,

before I loose it.

I've been in this dark house for to long,

breath is running thin for faith.

I'm tired of trusting all my friends,

they don't get me,

they wont try.

Maybe I wont let them,

there already left behind.

I cut out my heart.

Gave them pieces to pass around,

I dont need it anymore.

Someone can help me, 

if they come quick.

I could just be a little sick.

I dont believe in trust,

maybe everything else ahead.

Will someone reach for me,

when I'm close to the edge?

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