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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Listening For That Sweet Tune-Chapter 19: Lucid Dreams Pt. 2-They Call Him Anathema


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Previously on Listening For That Sweet Tune:

     I woke up not where I fell but a place that was familiar. I was in the larger room with French doors right across the hallway as what I could tell but the circumstance wasn't consensual. The room was dark like the others but a red glow flooded the room around me and the figures in the room could only look frightening. Where I woke up was in a rather large rectangular glass box—not tall enough to stand in but long enough for me to lie down and have an extra foot of room. It felt like a coffin and really that was what it seemed like. It was like a oversized coffin made out of glass so when you get placed underground you can see the dirt fall on top of you making your tomb and worms crawling against the glass just waiting for you to die so they can squeeze themselves into you.

I couldn't see any holes for breathing anywhere on the glass so—my time was limited. One could only wonder who placed me here and what was there intent but if you were in a sealed box, anyone would try to get out first. Examining the corners of the box there was a metallic plating reinforcing any easy breaking points within the box but that never stopped anybody. I lifted one of my legs, getting ready to smash the glass and a noise from underneath me grumbled. Looking over on the sides of the box I was in I noticed that where I was up higher than the floor was and that something was underneath me. I started to get light headed and I felt this big atrophy pulsing through my limbs like my life was being sucked out of me. A high-pitched screech sounded from all around me, it wasn't unbearable but it was to the point of trying to see if your ears were plugged. 

The object from underneath my coffin started to rattle and shake just slightly enough to get my attention. I was waiting for it, I sat there just staring at the ground, ready to see what was going to come before me but the conditions continued to get worse. Looking around the room I could see silhouettes of movement all around but I couldn't tell what or who they were. Whatever was happening was affecting all of my senses, I could only start to feel a heaviness in each and every breath and the bloods taste on my tongue started to taste sour like it was getting spoiled at the minutes past. Seconds after though, everything came to a halt except for the screeching ringing in my ears and as before in the past, it only became progressively worse. 

The high pitched screech sounded like it went up another octave just to make the sound more unbearable but it still was somewhat tolerable. Then that stopped to creating no sound around me other than my own lungs gasping for more oxygen. A loud thump came up from behind me hitting the glass, I jumped and turned as quickly as I could but I saw nothing. Then another just out of my range of sight, then another. I closed my eyes just to listen to several bangs on the glass all around me, I didn't know what was happening around me but it needed to stop. The screech came back again making me cringe in the fetal position covering my ears and for I second I peaked to look and see what was around me.

Those with eyes, piercing watching eyes, taking away my soul with each and every look they gave to me. Those hands, those eyes. Bloody hands were covering the box around me with pupils just crawling out of the skin to look at the show before them. I started to breathe faster and with each and every breath the box got smaller enclosing me in an even smaller prison up to the point that I had to be in the fetal position in order to survive in the space. The screech got louder and I could start to feel blood come from my ears again and it continued to grow louder making my brain rattle and bleed even more. I could taste my blood crawling down my throat and running through my nose and it became so painful I could feel tears come out of my eyes. I wiped my face just under my eyes and I noticed that what I thought was tears were far from it, pain came from every direction. 

I looked up to all the hands with their gaze focused on me. Some were missing fingers, others were cut up and some even had their eyes missing just leaving me to look into their empty sockets flowing with blood. While looking at all of the hands around me I noticed one that stood out from the rest. No marks were on this one, not even a drop of blood—which was a rare sight to see nowadays. I looked at this one intently and a slit began to tear from one side of the palm to the other and opened up to quite a sight. As it opened wider a pearly white stood out from the tearing muscles around it to soon show this mouth with small sharp teeth. The mouth started to stretch its jaw and the most crooked disgusting mouth began to smile at me, mouth wide open with big gaps between all teeth, horizontally and vertically. The mouth was way to big for the teeth the thing had and blood dripped down and around from its teeth—I guess that what drew tingles down my spine. 

'Anathema senses you find my house not so fitting.' the hand spoke in a deep raspy tone. Everything grew quiet and calm around me but the eyes, they still peered right through me.
'Why you not understand what life can be? Anathema finds this very accepting.' this was an interesting moment. I tried to arrange everything in my head enough for me to comprehend everything that was going on.

'Why does Anathema act like this towards his guests?' I asked.

'Understanding.' it said slowly while smiling. 'Anathema only wants you to understand. To no longer to become immune to what you want to see.'

'What are you Anathema?' I asked.

'Understanding, you want to understand but chaos is peace. That to every road there is a end and one cannot be a individual thing.' I was able to shift my body to sit with my legs were crossed but I had to lean forward due to the lack of space. 

'What is up in the lighthouse Anathema? Did you want me to be here?' Anathema smiled.

'Anathema wanted to give you a home, to help you understand. You have a long road ahead of you. Look for a mute, she will help you understand.' I was about to ask another question but the hands pushed off of the glass to reveal the dark room around me again except this time there was no light other than above me.

There was a chandelier hanging directly above the box and as soon as I could get a glimpse on what was on it, the ropes supporting it up snapped one after another then falling down towards me. I twisted around as fast as I could to get back into the fetal position as the chandelier crashed on top of me breaking the glass around me. I threw my hands over my head and closed my eyes to prevent any glass to hit my face but after the crash, I felt nothing and heard nothing more. Opening my eyes light from outside flooded into the room and everything was clean and normal. I breathed in to finally get a good breath of fresh air and in the distance I could hear an orchestra playing.    

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