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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Child: Entry 20

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The Beginning:

Previously on The Child:

I couldn’t help but think of chaotic elegance, a sort of warmth wrapping around you but that same very thing acts as the shiver down your spine. A multi-personality that has two different sides to things but not acting as one then another but as a whole in a single act of time. My eyes were opened and I realized that everything isn't so odd anymore. Like they were known from the very first day I have lived to now but I have not accepted what inevitable will be, do or become. The sun was fully visible now but darkness lingered that casted a shadow of red and black over everything around us. 

I've always wondered that if being as we are today was only a first phase of what we could be. Maybe I was thinking correctly—or I could also be loosing my touch to reality—but what was presented before me now was all I could believe. No speculation. No thoughts or scenarios of 'what if'. Maybe everything does happen for a reason like a designated path of what will happen, you can do whatever you want till that point but something particular has to happen. Intrigue. A curiosity that can kill you but also give you a newfound potential, simply just making your life worth living. Ville looked exhausted now but I wasn't really sure how this whole process goes, he could have been just beginning the whole process. 

After the whole ordeal of cutting his body wide open, I was expecting to see intestines and vital organs falling out of his bodily cavity and all over the grass around us. Nothing fell out. Nothing at all. It’s not even the fact that it held itself into the body to prevent any spillage but nothing came out because there was nothing. Inside his body were the tissues and muscles and bones that would be connected to the skin being all that was inside. Blood still flowed pouring down the inner walls of the cavity and gathered in all the emptiness just waiting to flow out. I guess that was what he meant, like a bladder just waiting to be relieved and when all that pressure is released, you feel like you are on cloud nine.

The blood though, wasn’t just your ordinary crimson liquid that kept your body in motion; it was something else in its entirety. It wasn't so simple and just pored out of its body, it crawled—not saying it had legs, it was its consistency. It looked like it crawled because it did something that I have seen not to long ago. It was similar to that black spire that I saw form outside the cottage not more than ten hours ago. The blood creped and crawled growing roots to pull itself outside his body. Short little stocks crawled up his chest making it look like shallow veins. The blood didn't even fall; it crawled down his legs at a very timely manner till it touched the ground. 

The ground shook to a little vibrating hum to my feet; there was something within this substance that is more than ordinary. I could feel energy from where the blood pooled to where I was standing—about eight feet away. Soon after, Ville finally shifted his gaze from the sky to a more worldly level; his hands were still out in front of him like he was feeling for rain but he now looked in my direction. He looked at me intensely with the pitch-black pupils of his; he then grimaced to the sight of me being a little freaked out. I stared at him intently just waiting to see what was going to happen next and drops of blood started to come out from the corners of his eyes. He breathed in heavily to exhale him out of his very own trance. He looked as if he became aware of his surroundings now and he lowered his hands to his sides but his eyes were still darker than the far reaches of space. 

As the blood—or what I expected it to be—reached towards the end of his cheek, he placed his hand into his front right pocket to take out a white handkerchief, then proceeded to dab it against the corners of his eyes. He still had a smile to his face, looked at me and then looked down to his chest. Whatever the blackness that was coming out of him was, it was mending his wounds. When the blood creped up through his skin, it pulled his skin back to one central point then sealed it off. What I could see now was that black substance all over his chest, clothes, ground and when he was done wiping off the blood on his face, I noticed that it was the same thing on his handkerchief. As he pocketed the stained cloth, he began to talk again.

'I'm sorry to give you such a scare, you look mortified.'

'Well, I didn't expect this.' I said frantically, 'Nothing like this at least.' Ville looked at the ground a little bit and noticed that he was standing in inches of what seemed to be blood. He lifted his feet and stepped to the side a couple of steps to the side. My own feet felt like they were asleep but I knew it was the vibrating energy that was coming from the ground. I looked down to see that the blood was reaching me—crawling really—and Ville took a notice too.

'You should step away from that if you know what’s good for you, at least for now. I need something from you and it would be in my best interest if you didn't expose yourself to that.'

'Why what is it?' I asked.

'Well it’s my own life-force really, just like you have your own.'

'But what’s so special about yours?'

'I'm not going to say its because I'm not human because that’s not true but its more genetic. How I look at it is that when you are born you take what comes from your mom and your dad and you combine it together, more specifically blood types. There is A, B, O and then several combinations of, right? Well I would say that my blood type is something like X, for example. I don't have any of those other blood types because I have my own unique kind that is in-transferable to anyone else's in a manner of speaking. I'm not saying that my blood specifically is 'special' or anything I just have a different genetic makeup than the average person.'

'Like a mutation?' I asked.

'No.' Ville said firmly. 'I am just like you but what makes me is different than you, just like everyone else is in this world. I am not you and I am not something extraordinary, I just have something different. Its like saying that people who have a different colour pigment in their skin are mutated, I am just like you but I am not you.'

'I understand, so are you some forgotten gene pool?'

'No.' Ville sighed. 'Everything will make sense when we get to where we are going.'

'And what is that?'

'A town, just like a town that anybody grows up in. I have family there and they can give us shelter from whomever The Family is going to send at us if they do. Its good to have a home to where you can sleep without any worry of you dying in the middle of the night. Just another family to you but I'm sure you would like to be in the warm arms of someone who really cares about you.' I did. Something that I haven't really experienced yet, I just hope these new people wont throw me on the street as before. I have almost lost all faith in humanity and the institution of a stable life.    

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