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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Child: Entry 21

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The Beginning:

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We ended walking through this plain-like area for days—maybe even weeks—when you don't have any worry about time, you seem to loose your track of it. Its goes back into your mind and you feel that you will never die, when the day comes. I wondered if that was something that was already achieved by Ville, he seemed young but he also seemed wise almost like an old man, maybe he was but he is way more complicated than an average human already—I wouldn't know. Ville has told me many stories about his life on our little journey, many involving his family.

He told me about his father, very kind but psychologically unstable. He kept everything to himself, very quiet but very intelligent. Ville says he sees his father in me and that’s why his attention was originally brought to me, I am like him in nearly every way and his father would me humbled to meet me. His mother though, was something else. She was something like the devil himself. She had no control over what was happening to her emotionally or even mentally so it has consumed her over the years. He explained to me that when he was young, he couldn't do what he called 'Immaculation' his mother not only did the process for herself but she also did it for him. 

'Its as if she was killing me over and over.' Ville said. 'Like there wasn't any care for me, she enjoyed doing it for me and that what was disturbing, like I wasn't anything other than some meat puppet in her eyes.' He still cared for her and she did to him. Its not like she wanted him dead, she just enjoyed the sight of blood and mutilation of bodies, it explains everything in his family if you think about it—I guess I'll just wait and see. 

He also told me of his two sisters, he never mentioned their names but he said that they were twins but a very particular set of twins—I will see them and find out more when I meet them. Ville told me of several other members but nothing really stood in my head, it feels like it has been months. Ville has found ways to hunt for food but I'm not quite sure at this moment. As for shelter, its been nice everyday and I'm yet to see something gloomy, its a nice change for once. More than often now we have been traveling from dawn to dusk and sleeping throughout the day, the days have grown shorter but so has the distance to wherever we were going. Eventually we came up to this large wooden house just sitting there in the distance; it was rundown but something stood out to Ville. 

Something that pushed him towards it but made me shake in fear. It felt as if someone was watching me but I couldn't tell who or what was peering into me and poking at my innards. I'm sure Ville felt this to and that is what sparked his interest. It crawled within him and it crawled within me, like something was speaking to us just begging for something to enter it so it could tell its dark secrets. We were here to listen to it, we heard its call and we were willing to do whatever it was telling us.    

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