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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Amicus Est Tanquam Alter Idem Pt. 4


Written by:
Kira Shanel
Additions contributed by:
Corey Rhodes

You've brought me in,
then you took me out. 
Pulled me into your arms,
then taught me how to shout.
Conjoining the heart beats together.
Showing me how to fall.

Don't let me falter. 
Don't let me cry.
Don't let me shatter,
or learn how to die.
Without you, 
tomorrow wouldn't matter. 
Without you 
life wouldn't be worth living. 
Without you,
I wouldn't know better,
but its easier said than done.

You see,
I am easily shattered.
You can,
tear me down in torn little bits
you learned, 
of my flesh all torn and tattered. 
So do you know what you want? 

I can handle it, 
throw it at me, 
Living a life full of shit.
It might be easy,
when my bones are shattered, 
but my heart is easy, 
when my soul is tattered. 
I will become mended.
Though the past has hurt me, 
it happened faster, 
and worse than intended.

Remember them

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